Xiaomi launches a mini portable printer with a really fun design


The Asian firm does not stop presenting all kinds of gadgets. We have already talked about your new wireless charger, which allows you to place it in different positions. And now it's the turn of a fun mini portable printer that stands out for its design, technical features, and, as usual in the firm's solutions, a groundbreaking price.

This new product was born as a result of the collaboration between the Asian manufacturer and Youdao, a Chinese firm that has several portable printers in its catalog. And now, we have the Xiaomi Memobird G4 mini printer.

We talk about a solution that has Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to pair it with your mobile phone or tablet. As usual in devices of this type, the new Xiaomi pocket printer has thermal technology to create the prints.

More details of the Xiaomi Memobird G4 mini printer

As we said, it is a mini pocket printer that you can take wherever you want. More than anything because, with dimensions of 86.8 x 79.3 x 39 mm, it is a really small product. Also, its weight of 165 grams will help you not even notice its presence.

Being a thermal printer, it doesn't need ink to work. All it takes is heat-sensitive paper. The needle system that incorporates the Xiaomi Memobird G4 passes through the paper, heating different areas to pass them to black.

Thanks to this system, you can print all kinds of documents or photographs to get really fun results. This is where its complete application comes in, which allows you to take photos quickly and print them, recognize notes and other functions that will allow you to get the most out of this fun device.

This Xiaomi mini portable printer has its limitations. In this way, you can print black and white images at a resolution of 306 dpi. We cannot forget its 900 mAh lithium battery, which gives this gadget great autonomy.

Also, it has a fast-charging system that allows it to be ready in just 2 hours. The best? Its tight price: the new Xiaomi mini printer is available through the Xiaomi collective financing platform.
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