Apple publishes new videos to show the 'benefits' of the iPhone XS and XR

We already know that Apple uses its YouTube channel , either in Spanish or English, to promote its products. In this channel they are from videos of announcements that soon are seen in television. In recent days Apple has returned to upload new videos to its channel highlighting some of the benefits of the latest iPhone models released by the company, the XS and XR. Here we show you and analyze these videos of 15 seconds in length.

Apple boasts features on the iPhone XS and XR

The Face ID, released with the iPhone X and that has replaced the Touch ID, stars in one of the videos. This time Apple has not highlighted the advanced technology of its facial release or has praised the security of this but has explained how it can function as a password to enter applications.

The following video demonstrates one of the qualities that have the iPhone XS and XR, the IP68 feature and that makes the device resistant to water and dust. This way, even if the device drops water, nothing will happen. In fact it is even possible to immerse it a few meters, although it is not recommended since this resistance is more taken into account for accidents than for swimming in a swimming pool, for example.

Apple also shows how to choose the best snapshot in Live Photo. What our device does when we take a picture with this feature is to take multiple snapshots. By clicking on "edit" photo we can select the keyframe that we like so that it shows when we see the photo.

Apple also shows how through the Apple Store app you can quickly access to contact technical support. This is done through the chat that the company has to help users and that is also available on their website.

Finally we can see in what simpler and faster way you can access a plane ticket that we have bought. This is done through Wallet, the tool with which we make payments through the iPhone and that shows us a notification when we make a purchase. In the case of airline tickets we can see the data accompanied by the QR code that is passed in airports.

Obviously, the most veteran users will already know many of the advantages of using an iPhone and that Apple shows in these videos. However, if you just purchased an apple device for the first time it is very interesting to see this type of videos.
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