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The Launch of iOS 12.1.4 is imminent, Solving The FaceTime Bug

At the beginning of this week, all the alarms jumped when echoing several means of a bug in FaceTime that allowed anyone to spy on other people's conversations. This bug that Apple was warned about by a teenager in mid-January and that has already caused legal problems will soon have a solution with iOS 12.1.4 that has already made a presence in the network.

Apple is already working on the development of iOS 12.1.4

Apple has been forced to improvise a software update to patch this bug. This update would be iOS 12.1.4 that would already be being tested in the offices of Cupertino because it has appeared reflected in different Google Analytics records.

Apple stated that the solution to this bug would come with a software update later this week. At the moment we are on Thursday so there is still room to see this update may be available tomorrow or in the next few hours.

This update is quite important since one of the main features of iOS 12, FaceTime group calls, are currently disabled as you can see in the status of services on the Apple website. Obviously, there are many users who are being affected by not being able to make group calls.

We do not know from when they are working on the solution of this bug because although originally this bug jumped earlier this week the company could have been aware of the same day January 20. This is because a teenager noticed this error and reported it immediately although he did not receive any response.

According to Google Analytics, this new version of iOS has been in circulation since January 29, although it is not known if they already work from the same day 20 to solve it.

We will be pending if an update is released in the next few hours. Leave us in the comments box what do you think of this quick solution from Apple that seems to be imminent.
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