Apple Launches The Reconditioned iPhone X With an Interesting Discount

The iPhone X has reappeared on the official website of Apple in Spain today with an interesting discount. That yes, this reduction has a secret hidden and is that we are facing a reconditioned model of both 64 GB and 256 GB of internal storage and in various colors, white and gray. Whenever we do not mind having a reconditioned iPhone in our hands we can take advantage of this important discount through the Apple Store Online.

On the official website of Apple, they claim that these refurbished models have passed strict tests of functionality and quality, all successful. This equipment that has already been used by other users have a new battery, a new outer casing and of course, a one-year warranty with Apple itself. In addition, as if of any other official product of the company the shipment is free and also the return.

Get the iPhone X with an interesting discount on the Apple Store Online, but it is reconditioned

Obviously, the equipment has been completely repaired with official pieces of Apple solving the problem he had in the past and that forced the previous owner to return it. With this repair is also accompanied by a thorough cleaning process, so you can enjoy practically new equipment, although you only have to update the operating system that may be somewhat outdated.

The value of the iPhone 64 of 64 GB totally new according to Apple is of 1029 € and now we can find it with a discount of 150 € happening to have a price of 879 euros in the web of reconditioned. Following in this tonic of reconditioned iPhone, in Amazon, we can also find it for the incredible price of $899.  

Undoubtedly this equipment is a very good alternative if you want to have a device with incredible performance at a reduced price compared to the models we see today, although the iPhone XR for the price it has gives us to think if a double camera and a OLED screen deserve the price difference. 

Leave us in the comments box what do you think of these new reconditioned iPhone X, do you think it deserves to acquire this equipment before an iPhone XR?

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