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A New Design Of The Triple Camera For The iPhone XI Appears

Since the rumors of the iPhone XI began we have not stopped seeing possible designs of this terminal. Although the design of the renders is far from official, from Gadgets Land we like to echo almost all in order to see all the options that Apple could consider for its 2019 flagship device.

Today we know a new render as our colleagues from MovilZona showed a few minutes ago. It is very likely that the final design of the iPhone of 2019 is not like that but, as we said before, it is curious to analyze it.

Will this be the design of the triple camera of the iPhone XI?

We can see how different experts and analysts agree on some technical data about the iPhone that Apple will present to us in September. The information talks about the possibility of seeing a triple camera, at least on the largest iPhone, accompanied by a similar design to previous generations but with the distinction of the position and shape of the lenses as well as a reduction of the controversial notch.

The previous render was published by the Indian medium CompareRaja and in it, we can see a new way to place the triple camera lens. This is in the upper center part of the device, just above the Apple logo. And although the taste is subjective, the truth is that this new location of the cameras would not please much of the public.

Neither seems that Apple is willing to risk so much with the design of the cameras of its new terminal. However, there is an advantage that we would obtain in comparison to the previous generations and is that by supporting the device on a flat surface will not be 'dancing' leaving the part of the camera is higher than the rest of the device.

This render also shows us a possible new color that would incorporate the iPhone XI to accompany the usual space gray, silver and gold. Blue would be the fourth color available for this terminal. This would be something new since this color has been seen only in the iPhone 5c and XR but not in a top of the range of the company.

Beyond this hypothetical design of the iPhone XI, we see how the device would have similar dimensions, almost identical, to the current iPhone XS and XS Max. They will also carry an enhanced OLED screen and it is possible that a third medium-sized device would incorporate an LCD screen as the iPhone XR did in 2018.

The battery is another aspect to improve the iPhone and it seems that Apple will do according to the latest information. However, it should be noted that iOS knows how to optimize the resources of the batteries of the iPhone even though they usually have a lower capacity than competing devices.

We will have to wait until we can filter some more reliable information regarding the iPhone XI, its design and its technical innovations. Until then we will have to settle for these designs that are emerging and that surely have little or nothing to do with the final design that we see in September.

What do you think about this new render? Would you bet to include the triple camera in that position? Leave us your impressions in the comments
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