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Microsoft Office is now available on the Mac App Store

When we think about a program of applications that have to be if or if in an office team we undoubtedly come to the Microsoft Office package that includes some applications such as the well-known Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

This set of applications is compatible today with almost any operating system. As for Apple, we can see these applications in both iOS and macOS, however in the latter applications are not included officially in the Mac App Store. But this is about to change and is that, as they say from Microsoft, we could be about to see how the Office package officially arrives at the Mac application store.

Microsoft Office will be officially in macOS very soon

In the last WWDC of June 2018, we attended, among others, the presentation of macOS Mojave, version 10.14 of the operating system of the Mac that would arrive officially in the fall. Among the novelties of this new software version, Apple announced that the Microsoft Office package would officially arrive at the Mac App Store.

That the Office package was not in the App Store does not mean that applications such as Word or Excel are not compatible with macOS. In fact, these and other applications of Bill Gates' company have been compatible with the Apple system for years. The difference is the way in which the package is downloaded and is that at the moment the only way to download it is through the official website of Microsoft and not through the Apple app store. Obviously, and as it happens with a multitude of applications, you can also illegally download 'pirateando' the package and get it even for free without having to subscribe.

However, several months have passed since the launch of macOS Mojave. Several system updates have even arrived and we have not yet seen any sign of Microsoft applications in the Mac application store. At least in most countries, including Spain and the United States. On the contrary in some countries such as France has come to see Apple promotions announcing that Word, PowerPoint and Excel are already available in the Mac App Store.

Some media like 9to5Mac have echoed a Microsoft document in which it is announced that the arrival of Office to the Mac App Store will be arriving in a phased manner in coming weeks. In this way, Apple will finally allow all Office applications to be safely installed through the security filters of the Mac App Store. Remember that others like Microsoft One Note have been available for some time.

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