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Google Highlights That The Pixel 3 Has a Better Camera Than The iPhone XS

It is not new that the Android manufacturers, both American and Chinese, have compared their devices with one of the great references of the current telephony: the iPhone. Samsung seeks to criticize the iPhone hard every so often to 'sink' its reputation highlighting the weaknesses of the iPhone, and now Google has joined these comparisons so unconstructive to compare the camera of the Pixel 3 with a 'Phone X', which undoubtedly It's the iPhone XS.

The objective of telephone companies is currently to overcome the iPhone and try to be heard with intense marketing campaigns to darken Apple devices. The head of marketing at Google, Marvin Chow, has shared through his Twitter account a new campaign where he compares the camera of Pixel 3 and a "iPhone XS" in low light conditions. 

Google seeks to highlight the weaknesses of the iPhone XS camera

No need to be too smart to know that the 'Phone X', which we find on the left, corresponds to the iPhone XS. In addition, the image on the bottom left shows that this photograph is made with an iPhone XS, but it seems that they have not wanted to highlight it in a big way.

In this scene, we can see a model in the middle of a street where there are enough lights but without a doubt, we are in low light conditions to be at night. Google Pixel 3 takes the picture with the night mode of your camera offering a much more successful result without a doubt showing the model with a lot of brightness as if it were daytime.

The result of the iPhone XS is much worse because the model can hardly be seen on the street to be very dark. What is much better portrayed in this Apple team are the lights on the back of the model, the neons, which are much more real.

We want to think that the image of the iPhone XS shown does not have any kind of subsequent retouching that could overshadow reality, but it is clear that the Apple team is not the best on the market to take photographs in low light conditions.

We are in a year where smartphone sales are down in all brands, and that is why we must settle for seeing this type of attacks against Apple constantly. From the company of Cupertino, they try not to make this type of advertising comparisons, something that for us honors them.

Leave us in the comment box what do you think of this camera comparison, do you see it right?
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