It is Already Possible To Play Fortnite in iOS With Bluetooth Commands

Those of you who are fans of Fortnite know that playing this game on a console and on a mobile phone is not the same. No doubt when we are playing with our iPad or iPhone we can find the commands somewhat uncomfortable, missing the command of a traditional console. This problem already has a solution with the latest update that has been released from Epic for both Android and iOS since it has enabled support for Bluetooth commands.

Now the only difference that we can have between playing on the console or mobile Fortnite will be the size of the screen, unless we are in an iPad Pro, since the experience with the commands may be identical to play on a monitor by its size.

Fortnite already allows you to connect a Bluetooth remote on iOS

In the notes of this update, it is detailed the incorporation of the compatibility with the Bluetooth controllers for both Android and iOS. Something that does not surprise us is that in Android there is a greater variety of compatible drivers while in iOS they are much more limited.

Being more concrete in iOS we can use the MFi controls like Steelseries Nimbus and Gamevice. Choosing between one or the other is a reason for tastes. The first of these is more similar to the command of a PlayStation or an Xbox, being able to have the device at a certain distance and we use this command to play, ideal when we have an iPad. The second of these commands will turn our iPhone into a kind of Nintendo Switch as they connect to the sides. If it is true that there are very good Bluetooth commands to play on iOS and Android and we hope that a future update will open more the range of compatible controls in iOS.

In Amazon you can find both commands although the price is not too cheap. The Steelseries Nimbus has a price of $34.50 and you can buy it here, and the Gamevice control is somewhat more expensive, $89.95, and you can buy it here. If you are a person who plays enough with your iPhone or iPad to Fortnite I think that the investment can be profitable as the experience will improve a lot.

In these same notes of update from Epic inform that the vibration of the device will be automatically deactivated when connecting this type of wireless control. The news of Fortnite in Android are several as the possibility of reproducing the content in 60 Hz in concrete devices or the resolution of various bugs.

Leave us in the comment box what do you think about being able to play Fortnite on your iOS device with a remote control, will it improve the gaming experience?
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