How to congratulate the new year on WhatsApp to many people at once

After passing the shower of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day messages, another 'hard' test arrives: congratulate the New Year. The most normal thing is that you use WhatsApp for it, although you may not know that the same message that you are going to send to several people can be done at once, earning a lot of time.

WhatsApp has a feature that not many know, the broadcast lists. As you remember from the free android, this function allows you to send the same message to several people by creating a previous list and without the need for them all to be in the same group.

The only condition is that you are also on the agenda of the people to whom the congratulation is addressed. You should also know that, unlike the forwarded ones, this message does not warn the recipient that it is exactly the same one that you sent to other people.

How is it done? It is very simple. Just go to the top WhatsApp menu (the three dots) and select the option called ' New diffusion '. Once there, select the contacts and, finally, write the message of congratulations that you will send them.

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