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Facebook is preparing 'its own Bitcoin' for WhatsApp

The digital currency would be used to make payments between users and make purchases with businesses.
Facebook is preparing a virtual and exclusive currency for WhatsApp, something that would fall within its plans when creating its first blockchain division this year.

Although Facebook prohibited all kinds of advertising about crypto currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum because of the high level of false ads and deceptions that exist, they are highly interested in creating coins similar to Bitcoin, but exclusive for its use and exploitation.

This "Bitcoin of WhatsApp" is being developed so that users can exchange money or buy items within the application without using credit cards or other currencies.

Everything is at home and Facebook would have control of this currency. They are raising this currency first for India, one of the countries where more users have WhatsApp and where more problems are being generated, but where a system called UPI is already used to make payments via SMS.

The digital currency would be linked to the US dollar, but it would be less volatile if that is possible.

According to the first information, the currency is far from being launched and is in the early stages of development, investigating the ways of storing them and making it safe for all users.
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