Cool Tech Gifts of the Year to Give This Christmas

Year after year, cool tech gifts have more room in the sack of Santa Claus. We no longer speak only of video consoles or MP3, now the gadgets are objects of daily use and enjoy a model superior to the current or have what is fashionable has become a good excuse to give away some 'pileup' technology.

Consumer electronics has always been one of the most desired gifts, but fortunately, they no longer have to be the most expensive of the sack. Choosing properly the right device depends largely on knowing the tastes or needs of the person in question, as with almost everything. But often the offer is so overwhelming that it is difficult to find something surprising, useful and offering a guarantee of proper functioning.

In this list for Santa Claus you can find gifts of up to $500, but also devices that do not reach 80. There are robotic toys to have fun, there are also action cameras for the most creative, books for the most curious or monitors of activity for the most athletic, without forgetting the odd gadget to look.

Nor should we forget growing trends such as kitchen appliances, which help to prepare more spectacular and tasty dishes -for example the Anova low-temperature cooking system- or Thermomix type robots. The technology for the home, although it is something more impersonal, can be enjoyed by the whole family, so it is a wild card.

The technology for the home, although it is something more impersonal, can be enjoyed by the whole family, so it is a wild card. 

From multimedia systems that allow you to record a TV show while watching a series on Blu-Ray and download a documentary on your hard drive to watch it on a 4K screen with surround sound, up to domotic lighting control systems like the Philips Hue, which adapts colors depending on the mood of the user or outside time, or intelligent locks that monitor who enters the house and give permission from the mobile. Finally, tablets are also a good solution for those who do not have one yet. 

Here the details of the technological whims that these parties can sneak into your gift list:

Parrot Airbone Cargo Drones.
The drones have grown and multiplied. For many they are the updated equivalent of the radio control or SCX cars. Now they run, they swim, they fly and they are much more affordable. Parrot has a complete range of drones that are controlled from the mobile and record videos. Check Price


Amazon kindle Electronic book.
E-book readers have a solid niche of users among book eaters. The electronic ink screen has a range of several weeks. Its reading is more pleasant than that of the tablets and the Paper-white model includes back-lighting.
Check Price

Sony Darth Vader 1TB + game A unique PlayStation.

The most popular video game console features this special edition in two-tone black and a unique command that exudes the personality of Darth Vader. It accompanies you with the game Star Wars Battlefront for a greater geek immersion. Check Price

Apple Watch Sport The smart watch.
The controversial Apple watch is already a point of reference for the competition. Halfway between a fashion object and a gadget, it is only compatible with the iPhone, but it is the most desired. Allows multiple daily actions without removing the mobile.
Check Price

TSphero BB-8 Get your robot.

One of the most sought after toys is this little robot directly from the new Star Wars release. BB-8 is a droid that rolls keeping your head always balanced. Controlled from the mobile or the tablet, it moves in a programmed way by the user. Check Price
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