Basic Steps and Instructions on How to Use your Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers these days are no longer the same as those machines your great grandmother may have had.

They’re not only safe and easy to use, but they’re great in helping you save time and money. They work best with dishes that involve cooking tougher meat. Because they can cook your meals quicker than your conventional pot, the cooking time of any type of dish is greatly reduced by up to 70%.

Although pressure cooking is already considered safe, there are still extra steps that you need to undertake each time you use it.


It’s important that you look over the unit and check if all parts are thoroughly clean and are in good working condition.

Make sure that the pressure valve moves freely.

Go ahead and look at the vent pipe. Is it obstructed?

Ensure that its handles are firmly attached.

How about the gasket? Does it have cracks or other signs of deterioration?

Follow the recipe

Unlike conventional way of cooking, pressure cooking requires small amount of time and liquid to generate steam. It’s important that you follow the recipe, especially its liquid amounts, total cooking time and its cooking method.

Regardless of the dish you’re preparing, you must not fill the cooker more than two-thirds full. Foods that tend to froth or foam should have more room when cooking them with pressure cooker. A good rule of thumb for this type of food is to use half-full pressure cooker.

Seal the lid

After you’ve properly added all ingredients needed for the meal you’re making, it’s time to replace and lock its lid. It’s advisable that you use a burner with the same size as the base of the cooker. In this way, it’ll properly heat the contents.

Lower the heat

As soon as you place the cooker over a stove burner and apply heat, the cooker will start building pressure inside. Once it has reached 15 psi, you must adjust the heat and turn it down to the lowest setting. This is to properly maintain the pressure inside the unit.

Begin the recipe timing

Don’t set the timer before the cooker starts building pressure. Instead, start the timer when the cooker has reached pressure.

Remove the unit from the heat

When the cooking time is up, it’s time for you to depressurize the unit. There are different ways to release the pressure inside the cooker. First, you can perform the natural release method. In this method, you’ll just have to remove the unit from the heat source and leave it there for a few minutes.

Second method is the cold water release which involves the use of carrying the unit to the sink and placing it under a stream of tap water. This is usually done if you’re cooking delicate foods,

The third method is quick release which requires you to use that special valve of your pressure cooker to release the steam quickly. But this isn’t advisable when you cook food that forms foam.

Open the lid

Be sure that the unit has completely depressurized before opening its lid. You must make sure that you tip the unit away from you when you’re unlocking and opening its lid. In this way, you won’t be facing the steam from a very hot pot.

That’s about it. Before you start using your pressure cooker, you need to make sure that you’ve read the owner’s manual of your unit and follow its instruction.
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