WaterProof Portable Bluetooth Shower Wireless Outdoor/Shower Speaker with Built in Microphone - Black

Let's be honest, you like to sing or listen to music in the shower. That's why you're here. So let's see.

Very Loud. I have tried other speakers sitting outside of my shower to no avail. My shower water was just to loud and while yes I know the words to "Party Rock Anthem" I just couldn't properly Party Rock with the best sounding like it was coming from a whales blow hole while simultaneously attempting to climb back inside. It was just that muffled. This little beauty however, i can crank it up anywhere in the bathroom and nothing short of a full marching band is going to mess with its sound quality rupturing my ear drums with sick beats.

Cheak out i buy this Bluetooth Shower Speaker very cheap rate priced for only $19.95

Get yourself one, and Party Rock!                 

I can suction cup this baby right onto my shower wall! With the suction strength of an octopus using a plunger to snort cocaine it really gets on there tight! And if I don't want to have to try to borrow the jaws of life from my local fire department to break the auction after my shower, I can always use the provided clip on the top to clip it to any small surface that is well... Clip able. Such as my ha fing shower caddy, or for those brave souls that have odd loop piercings in weird places!

Controls! This baby features a power button, answer call button, volume up and down, and skip forward or previous controls! So I can essentially control the basics of my phone from the shower or anywhere else provided my Bluetooth holds strong. Someone calling while you're Party Rocking in the shower? Just hit that answer call button and tell your boss that you're a little busy at the moment, or heck, just have the phone conference while you lather up! There is no greater show of confidence and strength than speaking to a potential investor while you soap up your private areas. Your boss may sign your paycheck, but you just showed them what you think of them!

USB charging: I can charge this bad boy in the car, for the gym shower, or with my laptop if I'm out of town at a friends. You'll always be Party Rockin with this little feature.

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