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RSVP Herb Scissors Herb's Cutter Best for Kitchen

Very handier and a cinch to use this kitchen gadget . They are very convenient for quickly and easily preparing small amounts of chopped herbs. Be careful with them, as they are super sharp, but that's what makes them work so great. Rinse under running water after use to keep herbs from drying between the blades. These stainless steele RSVP herb scissors are easy to use, efficient and time saving. Also they are dishwasher safe!



5 sharp 3" blades
Good quality product.
Dishwasher safe
Comfortable silicone and plastic handle for easy grip
Measures 7.5 Inches long.

Cheak Out this Herb's Cutter. My friends all ask where I got it when they see it and I’ve never seen this one priced for only $9.75 well off it’s $65.95 list price.


When cutting fresh herbs, especially things like chives, the cuttings it could be get stuck between the blades. If the herbs getting stuck in the blades, you'll note the slits in the end which fit between the blades and push the herbs right out.

If it's fly everywhere, so use a cup to cut in. Best invention - EVER. friends and family will be getting these as gifts

So if you want to see your wife happy give this RSVP Herb Scissors to her and makes her happy to cutting herbs sooooo much easier. 

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