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iPhone 6 Plus 5.5 Tempered Horrible Glass Screen Protector; It feels just like the screen!

Yes, it was easy to install and looks great. It's not cheap or filmy looking. In addition most cases that cover the edge of the screen would not work if the protector was covering the edge as well. This product protects the main part of the screen from the day to day scratches and drops.

Right designed for Apple iPhone 6 Plus 5.5 inch; very easy to install. Special anti-oil processing: better prevent fingerprints and oil on the screen. Made of nano tempered glass: anti-scratch, ultra-clear with high sensitivity touch. Tempered glass screen protector shatters itself to best reduce the screen shock. Please be noted all screen protectors won't be able to cover full screen because of iPhone's edge design.

I bought not one but two of these protected covers very cheap rate for mine and my husbands brand new IPhone 6+'s and the price is only $7.99

How you stick your glass screen protector tips:

1. Clean and buff screen thoroughly. This kit comes with wipes and microfiber which makes it easy.
2. Place protector on screen EXACTLY where you want it, use 3 strips of scotch tape to fasten it to phone on one side only.
3. Protector should flip open like a book cover. Open and close a few times to make sure it will lay back down in exactly the same position.
4. Now flip open and use more scotch tape to completely cover screen top to bottom. Layer on one strip at a time and push firmly to make sure it is going to pick up any dust left. Once screen is covered you should be able to lift all the tape with one peeling motion.

5. This last step should be done quickly and smoothly. Peel tape from screen then peel film from protector and simply close your "book". With no dust sandwiched between layers you easily be able to rub any bubbles out quickly.

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