How to download and install iTunes for Windows 10

Here's the quick and easy way of getting the latest version of iTunes installed. We'll even help you make sure your music, photos, videos, and other media are identified by iTunes so you can start enjoying it right away. The process is very straightforward, and shouldn't take too long at all.

1.Crack open your favorite web browser (maybe even give Edge a spin).


3.Click the blue Download iTunes button in the top-right.

4.Decide if you want to opt in to the newsletter and optionally provide location information.

5.Double-check the system requirements to make sure your computer is up to snuff, but odds are very good that you can run iTunes just fine.

6. Click the Download Now button.

7. Click on the download, once it completes, to launch the installer.

8. Choose your install directory, and let it complete the process.

How to create an Apple ID account and log in on Windows 10

You'll need an Apple ID to buy music, download apps, and make use of device syncing. If you haven't already made an Apple ID on your iPhone or iPad, it's possible to do so through iTunes on Windows quite easily.

1. Click the profile silhouette near the top-right of the screen. It's just to the left of the search bar.

2. A prompt to log in will show up. Click the Create Apple ID button below.

3. Click Continue on the next screen, then Agree to the terms and conditions.

4. Fill in required information, including e-mail address, security questions, and password. Optionally include a secondary e-mail address and opt in to newsletters. Click Continue when done.

5. Fill in a billing address on the next screen, and optionally provide credit card payment information. Click Create Apple ID in the bottom-right.

6. Check your e-mail for a verification message, and click the link provided to complete the process.

You'll need to add your payment information later if you want to download apps or music. Here's how to do it after your Apple ID has been verified.

1. Click the Apple ID silhouette in the top-right, log in, and click Account Info.

2. Under the Apple ID Summary you'll find Payment Information. Click the Edit button to the right.

3. On the following screen, select your payment method, input the required information, and click Done in the bottom-right.

How to import your media library into iTunes on Windows 10
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