Have You Problem In Your iPhone, Samsung, iPad, Android USB Charging Port, Photive 25 Watt 5 Port Multiport USB Desktop Rapid Charger For Your All Solution

This is a great accessory to own for those people or families that have a lot of electronic devices to recharge. This charger has 5 ports and you can literally charge 5 items at the same time. Two ports are for an Apple iPad and are rated at 5 VDC and 2.1 Amps. 

One is for a Samsung Tab and is rated at 1.3 Amps, one is for an iPhone at is rated at 1 Amp and the last one is for an android phone and it is rated at 1 Amps output current. The entire charger can output a max of 5 amps combined if all ports are in use. It is an ideal product for use in your office, at work, on a dresser or countertop for your family or to take with you on vacation to charge everyone's USB rechargeable devices.

Able to charge:

* Samsung
* Kindle Fire
* iPad Air
* iPad
* Android
* iPhone 
* Kindle Paperwhite

* Kindle Keyboard

This is a powerful charger and you love that it has a 5 foot long AC power cord so you can plug it into the wall and put the charger head with the USB ports on your desk, nightstand or dresser. You also liked how all of the USB ports are on the same end of the head. If you have reviewed many chargers that had multiple ports coming out of all sides of the charging hub and when wired they looked like an octopus of wires on your desk. At least with this one you can dress the wiring together and make it more presentable and reduce wiring clutter.


For a permanent installation on a desk you put self-sticking cable tie down anchors underneath the top of the desk and mount hubs like these on the bottom of the desk with cable ties and plug in the device charging cables and take them to the top of the desk. This keeps the clutter off of the top of the desk. 


After charging 5 devices for about 2 hour it did start to get a little warm as it was providing max current output. You would expect that for something outputting 25 watts of power. It was warm but still safe. This device is safety protected and protects not only itself but the batteries of your devices with voltage control, current control, and temperature control and over charge protection. The AC power input is rated at 100 to 240 VAC and 50/60 Hz. The total current consumption at AC voltage is 650 mA. This is an excellent product and I rated it at 5 stars.

All in all, this is a good device. Well built & insulated. Won't burn your hand off. Cheap enough to buy to replace all of the chargers for your devices without hurting your wallet. I got this USB Port on sale when it was $16.95. Currently $29.95 with prime shipping as of this review 06/02/2014. 
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