Japanese Robot Production " Transformer " Sale Worth 1:35 Million USD

Generation Japan again made a breakthrough technology . Akihabara Juukou company engaged in the world of robotics has successfully developed the latest robotic technology . Technology robot named Kuratas Model 001 uses a digital system with one room cockpit ( pilot room ) .

An owner can drive a robot This robot Kuratas of the body Kuratas . In addition Cockpit system , Kuratas in motion can also use 3G remote system . In the second robot arm about 4 feet tall , there are two automatic machine guns . However , make no mistake because these weapons are just the game alone .

This robot was made ​​with battle atmosphere . There are two guns in his arms , a bullet shield that wraps up the steel skin dashing . Whoever owns this robot can actually realize his imagination as a pilot robot - like fiction movie filmed .

This robot has been a target for fans of films like Transformers fictional robot , Terminator and so on . D IMANA any bullets for the gun dilengannya used mineral water bottles . Quite exciting to be able to enjoy the atmosphere of the fictional world war world stories of robots .
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