2014 Latest Smartphones in Market. Most Stylish & Cool Smartphones.

Samsung  Galaxy S4

A gorgeous screen and a big battery in a surprisingly compact handset that's packed with extras.

Buy it now for: $524

Motorola Moto G

The best budget smartphone ever, the Moto G is an incredible bargain that punches well above its weight.

But it now for: $199


A beautiful screen and great camera and battery life make the G2 a phone to be reckoned with - we just wish it had expandable storage.

Buy it now for: $504

Nokia Lumia 1520
Nothing particularly ground-breaking, just a very, very competent Windows Phone phablet.

Buy it now for: $609

Nokia Lumia 1020
Simply stunning photos make the Lumia 1020 the ultimate cameraphone.

Buy it now for: $608

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