Apple TV 2014 – Inspired by iOS 7

It’s been a while since we heard anything about the possibility of an Apple TV or, iTV which is the given moniker for it at the moment.  While it has been mentioned in passing, nothing firm has been announced by Apple and the reason for that could be the cost of producing it.

However, a concept has appeared, from the same designer who came up with a future OS X concept – Andrew Ambrosino.  His concept

is interesting, to say the least and is, by his own admission, fully inspired by the new iOS 7.
He displays his concept – perhaps unfortunately – on a Samsung TV, saying that, due to his “lack of skill” for hardware, he knows it can’t really be considered as a true Apple concept.  However, that takes little away from what looks to be a reasonable concept design.
The one thing that the designer has not managed to get away from is something that Apple perhaps needs to look at it in their next iOS design.  The layout of the app icons has not been very well thought out and seems to have been missed out in the overhaul of the firmware.  Icons are cluttered together with no real order to them and, to be honest, it looks messy.

However, on his design, Ambrosino has managed to refresh things a little so it looks more like it should belong on iOS 7 and has also added a transparent overlay for the Siri feature, which actually looks quite neat.
Also included is the ability to receive notifications and texts while you are watching the TV although it isn’t quite clear how you respond to them – presumably with the addition of a wireless keyboard, perhaps?
What do you think of the concept ?
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