Apple Donates iTunes Commissions to Phillipines Typhoon Relief Effort

Following the typhoon that hit the Philippines on Friday 8th November, thousands of lives have been lost and thousands more people are unaccounted for.  The world has banded together to provide necessary aid and financial assistance to help the relief effort and Apple has also taken the decision to donate their 30% commission on all iTunes proceeds to the effort.

They have also provided access to donation buttons in iTunes for anyone who wishes to make a donation of their own to the relief effort.   Donation amounts provided for are $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, or $200.  Apple has

promised to transfer every penny donated, along with their commissions directly to the American Red Cross in the Philippines.  Because of Apple’s stand on privacy, the Red Cross will not be able to acknowledge your donation as Apple will not be releasing any names or addresses of donators to the Relief Effort.

Apple has already warned that the only notification you will get is an email receipt from iTunes.  And, because the donation will appear as an iTunes purchase on your credit or debit card statement, you may not be able to claim any tax deductions.
Donations can only be made in cash amounts, not using iTunes store credit or Gift cards.  Everyone is urged to make some donation, even if only a small one, to help this stricken community get back on its feet.
Typhoon Haiyan is officially one of the worst storms to ever make landfall, taking the lives of approximately 10,000 people.  This is not the first time that Apple has helped in this way.  Previously they have carried out a similar effort for Hurricane Sandy, the disaster in Haiti, the massive earthquake to hit China and they also offered to carry out free repairs when the  earthquake and tsunami hit Japan.
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