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Shocking – Chinese Couple Sells Daughter to Buy iPhone

The price of an iPhone would appear to be too high for some people.  On young couple from Shanghai are now facing a long prison sentence after selling their new baby daughter for enough money to purchase the latest iPhone and a few other luxury items. 

The couple, known as Mr Teng and Miss Shang already have 2 children and, when she found she was pregnant again they decided to sell the child.  An advert was placed anonymously, before the child was born, advertising her for around 50,000 Yuan (around $8200). 
In order to hide what they were doing, the couple attempted to hide the pregnancy, giving birth to their daughter at home instead of in hospital.  They even apparently went to the extent of telling a neighbor that the “baby bump” was a tumor.  They have now been arrested on a charge of human trafficking after the sold the child who was only a few weeks old at the time. 
They told prosecutors that, as they were both unemployed they gave the child away to ensure that she would be brought up in a financially stable environment, not for cash.  However, shortly after the money went into their bank account they were spotted on a shopping spree in Shanghai, buying a number of high-priced goods including an iPhone.


The iPhone is one of the most sought-after devices in a country that records possibly the highest number of both human and organ trafficking instances.  Just last year, 7 people from the Hunan province were jailed for being involved in purchasing a kidney from a 17-year-old male who wanted the money to buy an iPad and iPhone.
What do you think of this story ?  Is there too high a price on Apple products or should it be a simple case of, if you can’t afford it, go without ?

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