Samsung’s iWatch – “Galaxy Gear” Review and Unboxing

In September, Samsung finally unveiled their brand new smartwatch, called the Galaxy Gear.  While there have been smartwatches in the past, they didn’t really take off very well.  However, interest has picked up and Samsung have managed to beat quite a few of the major manufacturers to the finishing line, including Apple.  However, does this mean that the Galaxy Gear is going to be successful ?

Costing the not so paltry sum of $299, you do get quite  a bit of tech packed into the small wearable device.  It has a camera on it and it can be used to answer your calls as well as keeping you updated with every single notification, from emails, to calls and messages.  However, pretty much like everything that Samsung has released, this is just a bumped up version of someone else’s tech, like the Pebble Smartwatch, but a bit more powerful.  This power has one downfall though – battery life.  The Pebble will give you a week of use on one full charge.  The Galaxy Gear ?  A mere day.
It is nice to look at though.  It has a 1.6” Super AMOLED, sapphire display, paired with an 800MHz Exynos processor.  There are two noise cancelling microphones and a lite version of Android Jellybean 4.3.  It is a bit on the bulky but there is a lot of tech included, although I will take some getting the hang of.

At the moment, the Galaxy Gear can only be paired successfully with the Galaxy Note 3 but, from November, Samsung has announced that more devices will be supported.  The next device will be the Galaxy S4 with the Galaxy Note 2 and the Galaxy S3 following in December.
Only time will tell how successful this will be and how it will compare when, or if, Apple finally release their smartwatch, currently dubbed the iWatch.  Have a look at the video below to see the Samsung Galaxy Gear being unboxed for the first time .
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