iPhone 5S Sales All-Time-High as Apple Increases Production by 75%

Over the weekend, reports have started to filter through that Apple has told suppliers they must reduce the number of iPhone 5C’s they are producing and ramp up production of the iPhone 5S. NPD DisplaySearch, a market research company claims that the California-based company is not reducing iPhone 5C production by around 35% and raising production of the iPhone 5S by 75%.

This tells us that the iPhone 5C is not

quite as popular as Apple may have wanted it to be but that the iPhone 5S has more than made up for this with sales beyond expectation.  This shows that, while there may have been a demand for a cheaper device, on the whole most people are still buying premium iPhones over cheaper ones. 
Production of the iPhone 5 is due to stop at the end of this year while the iPhone 4S is still selling at a rate of 1-2 million units every month and the Indonesian market has just started selling it as well. 
The general consensus of opinion seems to be that the cut back in the iPhone 5C is because of a lack of sales.  However, there are one or two arguments against this opinion.  The main one seems to be that Foxconn and Pegatron, the two manufacturing companies that Apple uses, only have a limited supply of man and robot power.  With a couple of new iPads on the way it does make sense to cut back on one device to make way for another. 
Apple is due to make its third quarter earnings call on 28th October at which point they will divulge iPhone sales numbers.  It’s not likely that they will separate the iPhone 5S and 5C for this purpose but we suspect the numbers will be sufficiently high enough that they won’t need to.
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