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iPhone 5 Explodes in Hands of User – Resulting Critical Burns

Today we hear of yet another incident regarding smartphones causing physical injuries, or in one case, death. A report Da Lion Evening News tells us of a Chinese woman whose iPhone 5 exploded while she was using it, causing severe damage to her eyes. 

She reports that she had been using the phone for about 40 minutes, on a single phone call, when she felt the screen getting abnormally warm.  She attempted to end the phone call but found that the touchscreen on the iPhone 5 was unresponsive and, after attempting to stop the call a fee times, the iPhone 5 exploded in her hands 
The Chinese woman, named Li, said that she could feel something flying into her eyes. She was taken to hospital after being unable to open her eyes and doctors discovered that her eyeball was inflamed and red with a scratch mark on it. 

She did say that, at some time in the past, she had dropped the iPhone 5, which caused a small dent in the corner where it eventually exploded. She said that she continued to use the phone because it still worked. 
A representative from Apple has responded and said that the incident will now be fully investigated, but, under normal circumstances, would not come under the Apple Warranty. 
This case follows the death of a Chinese woman being electrocuted last month while using her iPhone while it was still plugged into the charger. It was later found that she had been using a counterfeit charger. This was followed by a man from Hong Kong whose Samsung Galaxy S4 overheated, subsequently burning down his apartment. 
Apple has launched a program called Take Back to encourage people to turn in counterfeit chargers to an official Apple retail store in exchange for a genuine one at a reduced price.

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