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Apple iOS 7 iWatch Pictures and Features

 The iWatch is the subject of many a long-standing rumor, a product that Apple has yet to confirm or deny the existence of.  However, recent reports told us that Apple is employing more than 100 people just to work on a “wearable device” and there has also been news of a patent that the Cupertino Company has applied for, pertaining to the same thing. 

We have seen many iWatch concepts over the months and today we have another one for you, this time from Stephen Olmstead.  Unlike some of the space-age images we’ve seen, this one looks more like a wristwatch should look, allowing it to blend in rather than stand out as an obvious gadget.  Some of the features on his iWatch concept: 
iOS 7 iWatch Features : 
An embedded camera lens 
E-Ink watch face is always on 
Clickable watch face to bring up app selector 
Click and hold watch face to access Siri 
2 customizable function buttons – function will depend on the app assigned 
Dual speakers 
Watch face brightens and then vibrates to notify you of alerts, incoming calls, etc. 
Ability to make FaceTime calls using the camera 
Several different strap options 

Until such time as Apple gives us anything firm to go on, all we can do is wait for designers like Stephen Olmstead to give us their idea of what the iWatch could look like. Perhaps, once Apple has released their next batch of devices they will start to concentrate on the iWatch and give us a clue as to when, or if, we will see it.

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