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How to update old Windows XP system to Windows 7 / 8 for free!

Here it is update your old Windows XP system to Windows 7 or 8 without even spending a cent. Even old or cracked versions can be converted. Even that old low memory XP system can be updated/transformed into Windows 7 or 8.

You will need the following to begin the transformation:

1. DirectX 9.0c Redistributable June 2010 - Free for download {95.63 MB}

2. Microsoft .NET Framework (x86) 2.0 Final - Free for download {22.40 MB}

3. Windows 7 Transformation Pack 5.1 - Free for Download {35.39 MB}


3. Windows 8 Transformation Pack 7.0 - Free for download {56.80 MB}

To start the transformation, download all of the above software packs and your selection of Windows 7 or 8 transformation pack. When finished downloading each file, start in sequence to run each setup file, begin with the DirectX setup, then move to the .NET 2.0 update. When this is complete, run the transformation pack last.

Now that you have installed all the update packs, restart your computer and watch as your old Windows XP system turns into Windows 7 or 8 without costing you anything.

Enjoy the new experience that is Windows!

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