Google has Announced a New Feature called the Android Device Manager

This feature will help the users of Android devices to maintain the security of the data or the device itself.

With this application users will feel safe having android devices because of features or applications can search and find the missing gadgets. Besides it can also protect personal information and
data that is inside the gadget. Well, just listened to the features found on Android Device manager who put Google:

Seek and also discover the missing Android devices. With this application it could sound an android device that is lost with a maximum volume so that the user or other people can hear and can readily be found, even when the device is in silent mode condition. In addition it could be to see the location of the device on the map in realtime.

Protecting personal information and data. To prevent other people stealing utilize existing data on Android devices. Users can remove it from a distance if the hope of the discovery is difficult.

Well, if you are interested to have this application you need to be patient because it will be available by the end of this August. To use the user only needs to register a google account. And keep in mind that the device manager application available for Android devices that already use Android OS 2.2 and above.
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