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Apple iWatch Concept - 2014; Really Cool Concept

Over the last few months or so, rumors about the so-called iWatch have picked up. While there has never been any real confirmation from Apple that they are definitely producing one, Tim Cook did say that they were considering a wearable device.  Since then we’ve read reports that say Apple is hiring engineers to help work on the iWatch, and a lot of new patents have been filed relating to a device of this nature.

In the absence of any real information,

the concept designers have been coming up with their own ideas of what they think it should look like and how it should work.  James Jivaldi is the latest in a long line of designers to bring his concept to the table and it’s got a touch of sci-fi about it.

His concept is based around the rumors of a flexible display, something else that Apple has filed patents for.  It looks to be made from some kind of metal and glass which kind of ties in with the current form of the iPhone.

It has a clock face on it and, just below, is what looks like a 1.5” display screen that mimics the home screen of the iPhone or iPad. Jivaldi has included a front camera in his design, a small metal band that opens the watch latch and there are dual screens. A small speaker is also incorporated and the display is a touchscreen, although it isn’t clear if this is flexible or not.  The base of the iWatch is manufactured from some sort of bending fiber and elastic with the metal and glass layer over the top.

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