The Newest Gadgets Solar Joos Orange Portable Solar Charger Amazon

The cool latest gadgets JOOS Orange is designed to charge cell phones, smart phones, iPad, iPhone, MP3 players, GPS devices, portable game devices, Sat Phones etc. all personal electronic devices. JOOS Orange is Versatile. Portable. Reliable best gadgets. Its captures up to
20 times more energy than other solar chargers. 1 hour in the direct sun = 2 hours 3G talk time. JOOS Orange is Powerful and fast. The best gadgets JOOS Orange easy to carry and store. Adjustable legs make pointing it towards the sun a breeze. And, if you don?t get outside much, the on-board battery can be charged from your computer or any USB power source.The internal battery pack will keep its charge for years & JOOS Orange keeps charging when submerged in water.

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