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World’s First Transparent Smart Phone

It’s something that has been thought about and imagined by people the world over – a smartphone that is almost completely transparent and still works.  The first bit has been realized with a prototype, a working one, of a Transparent Smartphone.  It’s been made by Polytron Technologies, a Taiwanese company

As you can see, the text and images are displayed on the glass and the section at the bottom contains the SIM card, batteries and SD card.  This section is not totally see-through but this is because it houses the cards. Apparently, to make it as transparent as they can, the cards will be housed on top of one another and there will be a transparent battery – this technology, however, is a long way off.
While this is only a prototype of the hardware, we have heard that, by the end of this year, we should be able to see a fully working prototype, with some firmware or software working on it, although we don’t know what yet.  This is an explanation of how this transparent technology works:

The finished product will look somewhat different to this one as this is just the first phase.  Polytron are apparently planning to aim this technology at major companies, including Google and Apple.  If any of them do bite, it’s more than likely that the future smartphones will be transparent, if not wholly then at least in part.  Tell us what you think.

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