How to Check if Someone Else is Using Your Facebook Account ?

Have you noticed strange goings-on with your Facebook account? Maybe items being posted that you know you didn’t have anything to do with? Facebook does have a certain amount of security settings built-in to it – some of them are fairly new – that you can make use to detect if some-one else is using your account.
Steps to Detect Facebook Login Attempts :
Log in to your Facebook account
Select Account > Account Settings > Account Security from the drop down menu under your name.

Now  you will be presented with a list of any device that has accessed your Facebook account, be it computer or mobile.
The list will give you access to geographic location of each device that logged into your account
If you spot one that you don’t recognize, click on the End Activity link beside it and you should be logged out of Facebook on that device.

You can also change your settings to receive an email or SMS if your account is accessed using a device that is unknown.
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