iPhone 5 is the Top Searched Gadget of 2012

2012 has been a year of gadget wars, with loads of new ones making an appearance.  And, while Samsung may still be top of the class when it comes to manufacturing mobile handsets, the latest review figures tell us that Apple products are still garnering a great deal of interest. Yahoo have released their review figures for the year and they make interesting reading. Apple products featured very highly in the results, with 3 pf them taking the top spots.

The Top 5 most searched for gadgets of 2012 are :
Apple iPhone 5
Apple iPad 3rd Generation
Apple iPad Mini
Samsung Galaxy SIII
Amazon Kindle Fire
The iPhone wasn’t content with just taking the number one tech spot though.  In the stakes of the most searched for terms overall, it came in second, losing only to searches related to the 2012 elections and knocking searches for celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Kate Middleton and Kate Upton down the ladder. As well as Yahoo, the iPhone 5 was the most searched for tech gadget on Bing search engine and in the results for searches made using mobile devices.
Considering the iPhone 5 was not released until September and that it didn’t get off of to the best of starts, the results are excellent news for Apple, especially as they are gathered over the whole year.  It shows that interest in their products is actually increasing rather than waning as some would believe. Whatever the reason for the results, be it whether people are looking at the iPhone because they want one or because they have one and have a problem with it, one thing is clear – it would seem that Apple’s products are far more desirable to look at than the likes of Kim Kardashian .
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