CableDrop Smart Cable Management System for Apple Users

Virtually every electronic gadget that we buy is supplied with a cable of some description.And, with the amount of gadgetry that we have on our desks at any one time now, its inevitable for the cables to become tangled and twisted. What happens when you want to move something and you drop the cable? Trying to find it in amongst the mess is next to impossible. The best solution is to use CableDrop cable management system.

Made by BlueLounge, they are little clips that affix to any flat surface, simply by peeling off the backing and pressing the clip firmly where you want it. Each clip holds a cable 7.5mm (5/16″) thick and, place properly, will keep all of your cables properly separated for easy access.
They are available from Amazon in a variety of colors, in packs of 6 and are priced between $1.86 and $11.99.
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