24 Carat Gold Plated iPad Mini – Now Available

Gold & Co has done it again. Not content with gold plating the iPhone 5 and the iPad 3, they have gone ahead and dipped the iPad Mini in a stunning 24 Karat gold-plated coat.  However, if you thought that the original iPad Mini was a bit over the top at $329 be prepared to be shocked at how much the golden one will cost you.

Gold plated iPhone 5 was priced at a massive $5000 – the iPad mini is bigger and is likely to cost a great deal more than this.  It is being produced in a choice of gold and rose gold and a limited number of 250 have been produced.  If you really want one, and you have the spare cash to spend on an item that is not a necessity, so much as a fashion accessory then you will have to get on a plane and visit Dubai.

Whatever iOS device is released you can bet that, within a few weeks Gold & Co will dip it and sell it for a vast sum of money.  However, whether you have the means to purchase it or not you have to bear in mind that, whatever it is, it will likely be upgraded within a few months and you may be sitting on a very expensive, very defunct item.  This happened with the iPad 3, which ended up being replaced after just 7 months and those who bought the solid gold version could be forgiven for being just a little annoyed.  After all, limited edition, solid gold or not, if it is out of date then what is it really worth ?

On the other hand, although Apple products themselves are a product of beauty, easy to look at and beautifully designed, even they cannot complete with one that has been dipped in gold or rose gold.  Of course, it is going to be usurped next year by the iPad Mini Retina Display edition but if you can afford to buy the solid gold version in the first place then an upgraded version isn’t going to be among your worries.
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