17 year Old Sells Kidney to Buy an iPad 2

Shocking news from the web . A 17-year-old Apple fan sold his Kidney to buy iPad 2 . According to Global Times this kid from China had one of his kidneys removed to be able to afford an iPad 2 . This guy named “Zheng” contacted an online human parts dealer and sold his kidney for 20,000 yuan equivalent to $3000 . The boy wanted Apple’s second generation tablet so badly that he could even part away with one of his body’s vital organs.

According to Shanghai Daily  , Zheng went to Chenzhou City in neighboring Hunan Province on April 28th for the kidney removal surgery arranged by the broker. His parents knew nothing about it . Now this guys health is deteriorating day by day , but it’s too late to step back . Zheng’s parents got suspicious when his health started to decline . When the police were contacted for investigation , the broker has already fled and his number could not be found. The hospital where the operation took place is not qualified either to do kidney removal and transplants . Investigations are on .
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