Has Shield Made Next Gen Obsolete?

Nvidia has just introduced a new handheld "portable" android gaming device at last night's CES conference.  The handheld is in the shape of a console controller with a view screen attached on a hing.  The screen acts as a cover when not in use.

While being able to play android games with a proper controller is a nice to have the device really shines when you have a high-end PC and an HDTV at home.  Project Shield effectively streams your PC games right to your TV and it works beautifully.  Your powerful basement PC now serves up your powerful next gen games in wireless fashion to your living room.  Good bye Xbox.

The need for a dedicated gaming console connected to your TV really goes out the window.  Will this be the end of the road for dedicated gaming consoles?  I think not, but it could be the beginning.  Consoles have lost the hardware arms race to the PC, there is just no way given the current life-cycle of consoles for them to keep up.  

The next generation of consoles needs a new value-proposition or else the technology introduced by Nvidia will really be an extinction event.
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