Google Project Glass

Project Glass is a research and development program.Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin loves the internet so much that he’s found a way to use it literally all the time. His new Google endeavour, Project Glass. The operating system software used in the glasses will be google,s Andorid. Information from the web, such as weather reports, messages from friends and map directions, on top of the real world through one of the glasses’ lenses. The specs are also fitted with a camera that lets you take pictures or record video without much fuss. It’s a revolutionary bit of tech, it’s just a shame you’ll be a bit of a social pariah if you wear them in public. The product google project glass will be available to united states google I/O developers for 1,500, shipping early in 2013, while a consumer version is salted to be ready within a year of that. Best inventations of the year 2013.

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