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Galaxy S4 to feature Wireless Charging

Despite the fact that it hasn’t even be announced yet, rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S IV are heating up. 
The latest one, spotted in more than one Korean blog, is that the new handset will feature wireless charging, a first for Samsung.  However, the reports also say that, although they have been considering the use of resonant magnetic coupling, a more advanced form of charging that doesn’t require the phone to be close to the charging point, it is thought that the cost would be too prohibitive. It also doesn’t help that Apple are already claiming patents on this type of technology and we’re sure Samsung don’t want to walk into yet another lawsuit.

It’s more likely that, reminiscent of the Palm, Samsung will produce some sort of charging mat, along with a replacement Galaxy rear panel to sell separately from the actual handset, giving people the choice.  However, Samsung may have to think about upping their game a little in the future if they are to shake the “plastic toy” label they have picked up along the way.

Although no official word has been spoken, it’s almost certain that the S IV is being developed with a release date later on in 2013. As to whether it will include wireless charging is something we’ll all just have to wait and see.

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