Cheaper iPhone Would Cost $99 to $149 – Says Report

Following on from recent reports about a cheaper iPhone from Apple, a new one has emerged. This report puts the cost of the new handset at between $99 and $149 with a release date of no earlier than the end of 2013. December 2012 saw Tim Cook, CEO of Apple say that they were looking in particular at China, saying that “the country is a very important market for us”. At the time he gave his interview, Apple had sold more than 2 million iPhones in China alone.

However, it’s not just the Chinese market that would welcome a cheaper handset. For many, the cost of a new handset at full price is prohibitive and not everyone wants to be tied into a 2 year contract just to get one at the cheaper prices.
There have been talks of this new cheaper handset for at least 2 years now and Apple are apparently talking to some of the bigger US wireless carriers, which suggests that this is now more of a reality than a pipe dream. It has been suggested that the new iPhone would look similar to the iPhone 5 but made of cheaper materials; instead of aluminium, the shell would be made of polycarbonate. And it wouldn’t be such a high spec either.
What do you think? Will you be getting in line to buy one or will you be sticking with the higher priced, higher spec models?
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