Apple iwatch Foreign Technical Collaboration With intel Core

Apple working on apple iwatch foreign technical collaboration with intel core. Smartphones, tablets and music players are all the rage right now, with manufacturers competing to produce the biggest and best with each new model released.  The iPod Nano fired up enthusiasm for smaller wearable devices; some third-party manufacturers produced wrist bands so the Nano could be worn as a watch.  Not so long back we also heard about the G-Shock watch that connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth.  Rumors are now starting that Apple have joined forces with another tech giant, Intel, to produce an iWatch, which will connect on all of your other idevices to share information.

According to the rumour, which has come from TGBUS, a Chinese tech website, the iWatch will have a 1.5″ PMOLED display, made by RiTDisplays, with ITO coated glass and it will have low power Bluetooth 4.0.  Although that is all that is available at the moment, if this watch is a reality, it will more than likely feature an Intel processor. While Apple already uses Intel processors in Mac computers this would be the first time one has ever been used in a mobile device.
Smart watches are not a new concept, having already made a brief appearance. The Pebble Smart watch raised $10 million in funding via Kickstarter and Sony also released one. However, whether there is enough of a genuine market requirement to warrant giants like Apple and Intel putting in the considerable effort and cash it will take to produce one is a different matter.
Apparently this iWatch is due for launch in the first half of 2013, whether we actually see it or not is another matter.
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